A pervasive myth exists in the world of real estate that we strongly feel needs to be debunked. This myth is so widespread, that if you type, “Should I buy the first house I see?” into Google, a staggering majority of the results will lead to articles that say no.

This is horrible advice predicated on a very bad assumption: that no matter what, the first house you see is not the perfect house for you.

Most arguments consist of the belief that you, as new buyers, don’t know what you’re doing, what you want or how much a house is worth (and you won’t until you see every property in your state…twice).

As professional realtors we couldn’t disagree with the above premises more. Below are our reasons why this line of thinking is fundamentally flawed:

Working with a Professional Realtor is Key

Agents who believe in the “Don’t Buy First House Myth” are often lazy. It’s true. They want you to do all the work. They will ask you a few details like price, bedroom number and location and then send you the listings of everything that fits that very basic criteria. You can do that on the internet.

A true Realtor will listen to you and really come to understand what you are looking for. We will take the time to get as accurate as a picture as you can provide for us and then search through the thousands of homes, condos and townhouses that are available and bring you only those properties that would truly work for you. Often, we make it our priority to find the right house as soon as possible. In our opinion, we need to show you that property first because of our next point.

Well-priced homes don’t last long

In today’s market, homes are selling very quickly; especially single family residences between $250,000-$400,000. There are enough buyers, and savvy sellers, who will find these homes quickly and jump on them even more quickly.

If you’re working with an agent who insists you shouldn’t buy the first house you see, and you go around all day looking at other homes and then decide you really did like the first home you saw, it could be gone! We’re not trying to scare you here; it has happened to us!

Not too long ago we were working with buyers who we showed the PERFECT house to first thing in the morning. They loved it, but insisted they needed to see other homes before making an offer. By the end of the day, the first house was already under contract. Now, they are still looking, trying to find a house that they love as much as the first one they saw!

Realtors are Market Experts 

Realtors are market specialists who understand what is available and what fair price is. Many people say don’t buy the first house you see because you don’t know what is out there or what a fair price is.

That is why your work with a Realtor!

We know exactly what makes sense and what doesn’t. We have tools at our disposal that the public doesn’t have that lets us determine the fair market value of the homes that you are seeing. It is our job to get you the fairest price on the home that you want! We will always work with you and make sure that you are getting the home you want for the cheapest price possible!

If that is the first house you see and fall in love with, we will make sure you are not getting in trouble. In addition, there are clauses in the contract that protect you from overpaying for a home or getting a lemon during the financing and inspection contingents. In real estate, as in life, the early bird does get the worm. Do not believe anyone who puts it in your head that you shouldn’t consider the first house that you see. A professional realtor will be showing you properties that fit your needs, but it is up to you to decide which of them you like. It is our job to find that perfect house for you as quickly as we can and we often show you the best one first so you can make an informed decision without risking losing the chance to actually get your dream home!

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