Deciding to sell your house is a big decision. There are many different reasons why you may have chosen to sell, but now that you have there are certain things that you need to do to get ready.

Below we are going to talk about the most important things you need to do before putting your house on the market. Some of them are active, but a few are things that you just need to be aware of.

Give Your Home a Deep Clean

You won’t believe how many people overlook this super simple thing to do. Now, we aren’t talking a light cleaning…we’re talking a cleaning that will make spring cleaning jealous. Your home needs to be clean for several reasons. The first is the photographs. Eighty percent of all real estate searches start online, so the photographs of your house will be the first impression many people see. The second is for when people actually come inside your house.

It is essential that your home is not cluttered or dirty. It needs to smell nice and look great. If this is a problem, it could literally lead to getting offers for less money. Pay particular attention to the kitchen and the bathrooms. These are the two places that can get nasty quickly and you need to have your home ready for people to see it.

Up Your Curb Appeal

This is the equivalent of cleaning the inside of your house…but for the outside. We aren’t saying you need to import new trees or anything like that but you do need to make sure that the lawn is cut and the hedges trimmed. Don’t leave hoses out or bikes on the lawn. Don’t forget that when someone comes to see your house in person, they will make judgements based on what they see before they even step inside. This is known as curb appeal.

Make Sure Your Finances are in Order

Do yourself a favor and make sure that there are no liens against your home. These can exist for several reasons but the most common are due to not paying your taxes OR not having paid contractors who have worked on your home. You need to be able to deliver clean title in order to close on the sale of your house. It is not a good thing to discover a title defect or lien on your house when you’re under contract.

Be Ready to Show

When you are selling your home you are opening it to people who want to see it. You need to be ready to let them into your house…on their time, not yours. It may be the case that people who want to see your house will need to see it when you are home (after 5pm and on the weekends). If you don’t let people come see your house, you are seriously limiting the chances to sell your home quickly.

You need to be mentally prepared to allow your home to be shown whenever other people can come to see it. You can ask for 24 hour notice, but be ready sometimes if you get less notification than that. We also recommend that you and your family not be present when buyers come to see your house. You want them to feel comfortable and able to enjoy your house. Your realtor should always make sure they will be with a realtor, but if they are, really try not to be there.

This is a quick list of a few things to do. For more advice, contact us!

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